Telecom Power Supply

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Telecom Power Supply

1.    Boost PFC Diagram in telecom power supply

Boost PFC Diagram

Recommended Power Diodes for PFC:

Part Number Family VRRM(V) IF(AV)(A) Package
NXPSC04650 SiC Schottky 650 4 TO-220AC
NXPSC06650 SiC Schottky 650 6 TO-220AC
NXPSC08650 SiC Schottky 650 8 TO-220AC
NXPSC10650 SiC Schottky 650 10 TO-220AC
BYC15-600P Hyperfast 600 15 TO-220AC
BYC30-600P Hyperfast 600 30 TO-220AC

2.    Fulll bridge DC/DC converter diagram in telecom power supply

Full Bridge DC/DC converter

Recommended Power Diodes for secondary rectification:

Part Number Family VRRM(V) IF(AV)(A) Package
BYQ28ED-200 Ultrafast 200 2x5 D2PAK
BYQ30E-200 Ultrafast 200 2x8 TO-220AC
BYV32EB-200 Ultrafast 200 2x10 D2PAK
BYV42EB-200 Ultrafast 200 2x15 D2PAK
BYV72EW-200 Hyperfast 200 2x15 TO-247
BYV74W-400 Hyperfast 400 2x15 TO-247