Securities Affairs Representative

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  • 证券事务代表 (Securities Affairs Representative)
  • 7 years of related working experiences/li>


  • In charge of information disclosure, including to acknowledge the important information during company’s daily operation, supervise the company and related responsible people to abide by the laws and regulations of information disclosure of listed company;
  • Collect and sort out relevant laws, regulations and market information;
  • Prepare and organize the board meeting, the stockholder's meeting and the Staff congress, In charge of drafting the related policy and documentation draft, management, and archiving;
  • Support management on the investment and M&A projects; Carry out investor relationship management, responsible for the maintenance of relevant information modules/platforms;
  • Responsible for daily coordination and communication with company directors, shareholders, departments, intermediaries, regulators and media;
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the company and the manager.


  • Have certain knowledge of capital market and experience as a securities representative of listed companies;
  • Familiar with the company's listing process and the operation process of the board of directors, familiar with the company law, securities law and other laws and regulations, and have relevant knowledge of securities business;
  • Rich experience in organizing and preparing the board meeting, the stockholder's meeting, organizing and implementing the investor relationship management and information disclosure plan/process;
  • Good communication and coordination, public relations skills, be able to coordinate the shareholders, the securities, and the media effectively;
  • Strong writing ability, can skillfully write various official documents;
  • With good personality and professional ethics, be able to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations.

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