On-Board EV Charger


Market Demands

· AECQ-101 qualified components are manditory in the charger
· Very high reliability
· High current, high power charging  for fast charging of the vehicle
· Low EMI
· Low heat generation
· Space reduction, enabling high power density charger

Application Focus



WeEn Solutions

· WeEn has Automotive AECQ-101 qualified SCR’s and SiC Diodes for EV-Charger applications
· WeEn SCR’s are Planar Passivated, for best high voltage and high temperature ruggedness
· The Planar process for SCR’s gives narrow parameter spread
· Through-hole and SMD packages
· WeEn SiC diode has best in class switching behaviour which is not dependent on temperature

For more info…

· http://www.ween-semi.com/en/product/agp/2912
· http://www.ween-semi.com/sites/default/files/home/product-selection-guide-181029-c.pdf

System Overview


Highlight Products

Silicon Controlled
Rectifiers (SCRs)

· BT155W-1200T-A
· BT153B-1200T-A (release mid 2019)

Silicon Carbide Power Diode

· NXPSC20650W-ASilicon Controlled