Build up your discrete workbench
Discrete Workbench

A simple solution for size, value and efficiency gains

When you reach for a discrete solution, optimize the efficiency of your design with an ideal balance of power, size and value. NXP's portfolio of discrete technologies provides all round performance in industry leading packages. In addition, you'll find the manufacturing capability, supply chain and investment to support your current discrete needs and solve future design challenges.

With NXP on your workbench you can conserve battery power, shrink design footprints, increase functionality and meet legislative requirements. Our portfolio includes unparalleled performance in low VCEsat (BISS) transistors, rectifiers, small signal and power MOSFETs. Combine this performance with packages such as our FlatPower SOD123W and SOD128, or LFPAK, the toughest Power-SO8 for the most efficient designs.