WeEn power devices for LED lighting
Q4, 2017

SiC products overview

  • Voltage: 650V
  • Current: 4A~20A
  • Pb &Halogen free
  • Packages: TO220/TO220FP/D2PAK
  • SiC(DPAK): NXPSC10650D, NXPSC04650D, NXPSC08650D, NXPSC06650D


Key features

  • Benchmark switching behavior
  • No reverse recovery charge
  • Temperature independent switching behavior
  • High operating temperature (Tj max 175°C)

Key benefits to applications

  • System efficiency improvement compared to Si diodes
  • Reduced cooling requirements, Reduced EMI
  • Enabling higher frequency/increased power density
  • Higher system reliability due to lower operating temperature

Core SiC JBS benefit Core SiC JBS benefit


  • PFC power supply
  • Industrial motor drives
  • PV inverter
  • UPS
  • LED Lighting


SiC expertise

WeEn SiC diodes are designed by a team of experts pioneering this technology for over 10 years. Combined with our packaging and applications expertise we create now leading edge products.

Flyback is the popular choice for low power and LLC is the popular choice for high power application.
Flyback topology Flyback

LLC HB Resonant topology LLC HB Resonant topology




Typical applications Typical applications

Application requirements

  • Through-hole package

  • 0.8A : SCR
  • SMD package
  • 0.8A to 1.1A: SCR

Thyristor Products

  • BT169D/H Series
  • NCR100W-10L/M
  • NXPLQSC30650W
  • NCR100W-12L/M
  • BT168GW series

Schematics Schematics

Output open protection (using short detection of the IC)

Comprehensive advantages

  • Planar passivated for voltage ruggedness and reliability
  • Latest generation SCR technology for noise immunity and very high immunity to false turn-on by dV/dt

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