WeEn power devices for Intellignet E-Bidet
Q1, 2018

Typical applications Typical applications

Application requirements

  • Heater 1.5 – 3kW

  • 8A to 30A: 3Q / 4Q triac
  • Drain pump < 50W
  • 1A to 2A : 3Q /ACTT triac
  • Inlet valve < 50W
  • 1A to 2A : 3Q /ACTT triac

Thyristor Products

  • BTA316/225 series 3Q
  • BTA/416/420 series 3Q high surge
  • BTA425X/425Y, BTA330/330X/330Y
  • BTA201W/ACTT2W Series

Schematics Schematics

Comprehensive advantages

  • Superior noise immunity performance
  • Broad portfolio on current, voltage, package options
  • Benchmark quality, delivery, service and cost
  • Customer specific design available
  • High Tj(max) (150C) types available

Typical applications Typical applications

Key features & benefits

  • Fast recovery to improve system power efficiency
  • Low VF to reduce conduction loss
  • Optimized design for low leakage current
  • Avalanche ruggedness verified by design
  • High operating temperature Tj(max) (150°C)
  • Higher IFSM capability

Power diode products

  • BYQ28ED-200
  • BYW29ED-200
  • WNS20S100C/B
  • G2 Schottky diodes’ etc.

Schematics Schematics

G2 Schottky diodes

  • With state of art trench technology, lower VF is achieved.
  • Negligible switch loss is achieved.
  • The electric field near the junction is reduced by the trench structure under reverse bias, which can reduce it’s reverse leakage current and improve its long term reliability.

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Triacs (3Q Hi-Com/Tj(max)150°C) Triacs

Diodes (Power Schottky family) Diodes